Importance Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the dryer vents is probably not a high-priority list of things to do around the house.  Failing to clean the dryer vent results in the exhaust entering the vent, dischargarging into the air.

The dryer must be cleaned occasionally, especially around the ventilation openings. It is mainly due to the potential for lint to accumulate in this section of the machine. You can contact us for clogged dryer vent service in Jacksonville since we provide the best cleaning service.

Why Is The Cleaning Of Dryer Vents Important?

Improves Dryer Efficiency

Vent lint can block the hot and humid air the dryer needs to expel from the house. In this case, the dryer may have to run longer than before to complete its work. This effect can also cause an increase in the monthly electricity rate. Cleaning the vents will make the dryer 100% more efficient again. 

Prevents Mould

The objective of the dryer vent is to release humidity and heat to the outside. Moisture can cause wet spots on the pipe. Accumulated lint can get caught in these wet spots and cause mould. 

Saving Money

A clean machine will run longer. Therefore, no long-term changes are required. If the vents are not blocked, they will operate a hundred percent and will not cause wear on the parts. This cleaning not only saves you from the trouble of buying a new machine but also helps you avoid repair costs. 

Prevent Dryer Overheating

Clogged dryer vents can cause overheating problems. An electrical surge usually occurs when this happens, which activates the dryer circuit breaker and shuts down the unit. In this case, it is recommended to call a specialist to inspect and clean the dryer vents.

Reduces The Time Required To Dry The Clothes

The dryer circulates warm air and expels humid, hot air to the outside. When the dryer vents are clogged, all the heat and moisture remain in the dryer and utility room. If you find that your utility room is very humid when using the vent and that it takes longer than usual to dry the clothes, the dryer needs to be cleaned. 

How Do We Prevent The Clogging Of Dryer Vents?

Dryer vent cleaning not only saves money but also saves lives. Simple cleaning can make a difference from protecting clothes to people’s lives. Therefore, you should not avoid cleaning vents. Nowadays, people can even clean everything themselves, following a simple DIY tutorial.

  • First, unplug your dryer and take it out. 
  • Loosen the clamp that holds the vent tube when you reach the vent duct. 
  • Check the clamp for damage and replace it immediately if cracks are found. If not, check the remaining vents for clogging. 
  • Take a vacuum and suck up lint and debris that collects inside the dryer. 
  • When cleaning is complete, place everything back and turn on the machine. 

Contact the Dryer Vent Cleaning Inc today for information on cleaning dryer vents and cleaning air ducts. We are one of the best dryer vent cleaners in Jacksonville who know exactly how to solve the ventilation problems in your home and have the equipment to solve them.