Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, FL

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, FL

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas

In most homes, the dryer vent is often overlooked for regular maintenance and repair. However, a damaged or clogged dryer vent can lead to serious safety hazards such as fires and carbon monoxide buildup. That’s why keeping your dryer vent in good condition is essential.
As a family-owned and operated business, Dryer Vent Cleaning INC takes pride in offering unparalleled repair and relocation services in Jacksonville, FL, ensuring your dryer vent functions seamlessly, allowing you to go about your day worry-free.

Understanding The Subtle Signs Of Dryer Vent Distress

It’s essential to be aware of the subtle signs that indicate your dryer vent needs repair or relocation. Some of these signs may include:
  • Clothes Taking Longer Than Usual To Dry: If your clothes take longer to dry than they used to, it may be a sign of a clogged or damaged dryer vent. It can be caused by lint buildup, debris, or even a damaged vent.
  • Burning Smell: If you notice a burning smell coming from your dryer when it’s in use, it could indicate a clogged dryer vent. It can lead to overheating and potential fires if left unaddressed.
  • Excessive Heat In The Laundry Room: A properly functioning dryer should not generate excessive heat in the laundry room. If you notice a significant increase in temperature, it may be due to a clogged or damaged dryer vent.
  • Visible Lint Buildup: Check your dryer’s lint trap and vent for any visible lint buildup. If you see excessive lint, it may be time for a professional inspection and cleaning.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to seek our professional repair and relocation services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your dryer vent in Jacksonville, FL.

Dryer Jack Roof Termination Points

Airflow Efficiency

Superior airflow efficiency is achieved thanks to the combination of a unique curved damper and larger vent opening.Allowing the dryer to perform at peak efficiency helps reduce lint buildup (and the resulting fire hazard), and it keeps dryer times low which can reduce wear and tear and saves energy.

Maintenance Access

Dryer exhaust systems need to be cleaned—from beginning to end—regularly. The DryerJack® includes special design features for ready access that is easy on cleaning tools. The ability to clean vents from both ends can be a major advantage for longer runs, and it is helpful for a thorough cleaning.


Bird, Rodent And Rain Protection: Your natural intuition might insist that a screen exists to shield bird and rodent entry, but the building code clearly prohibits their use in dryer venting as they quickly get contaminated with lint. Special attention to the shape, position and how the damper rests inside the hood when closed, delivers a high degree of intrusion prevention without the use of screens. A seamless hood helps prevent water intrusion in the exhaust duct.

Quality Construction

Tough as nails construction, the 477 is deep drawn right here in the US, and ensures a very long duty life. The tightly engineered housing, flange, damper and collar are all constructed of heavy gauge Galvalume®.The DryerJack hood features balance aesthetic objectives with application requirements. Rounded flange corners simplify handling, and built-in nail holes help speed installation.

Performance Matters

Typical roof terminations have been proven to restrict airflow to a dangerous level when it comes to venting dryers. Poorly designed roof vents are more than just an eye sore; they are rarely duct cleaning accessible or pest resistant.The DryerJack delivers advanced performance for improved safety, efficiency and duty life.

Dryer Jack Roof Vents

Model DJK477

Low Profile Model

Model DJK486

Extra Clearance Model

Dryer Recessed Box

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

Elbow Eliminator – gain 5 foot of duct run Standard dryer exhaust duct-length criteria states that each 90° elbow you install reduces the allowable total length of dryer duct by five feet. Installing The Dryerbox® removes the need for a 90° bend penetrating the drywall, instantly gaining five feet of duct run.

Larger Appearing Laundry Room – Sales Tactic Because customers are so accustomed to seeing the dryer sticking out five or six inches from the wall, installing the Dryerbox® can have a big impact. When they walk through a model home, a keen eye will notice the unusual position of the dryer when it’s moved all the way back. This is a great moment for a sales agent to comment on the innovative, space saving and energy saving devices that you provide and how that attention to detail can be found throughout the house.

Try it! Walk into a laundry room with the dryer pushed all the way back. You will notice and feel the difference.

Dryer Related Service-calls Are Minimized Clothes dryers can be a nuisance when they become callback items for new-home builders. When the flex hose becomes squished, for example, exhaust efficiency is reduced and air movement is not sufficient to carry small particles of lint to the exterior.

Due to this bottleneck, lint will collect in the flex hose and duct pipe until the homeowner notices that clothes are not drying (or until there is a fire). In most cases, the builder initiates an expensive service call only to find that the dryer was pushed back too far and air-flow was restricted. These types of dryer related service calls can be virtually eliminated with the use of the Dryerbox®. This simple receptacle allows the homeowner to move the dryer as far back against the wall as they desire with no negative effect to the efficient movement of air through the hose.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

Clothes Dryer Building Code information (Summary of ICC Codes): 2003 IMC – International Mechanical Code (section 504) and 2003 IRC – International Residential Code (section 1501): In brief, the maximum length of duct permitted is 25 feet. This maximum length should be reduced by 2.5 feet for each 45° bend and 5 ft. for each 90° bend. The maximum length of exhaust duct does not include the transition duct. The duct should be a minimum nominal size of 4 inches in diameter and shall have a smooth interior finish.

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  • Locate the dryer right up against the wall.
  • No trim-ring piece is needed.
  • Efficiency is increased.
  • “Elbow eliminator” – gain 5 foot of duct run.
  • Can be installed in One-Hour wall.
  • Laundry room appears larger to prospects.
  • Applauded by building inspectors.
  • Socks and clothing less likely to fall behind appliance.
  • Eliminates mold potential.
  • Flex is protected from getting squished.
  • Lint build-up is minimized.
  • Dryer related service calls are reduced.
  • Doubles as gas connection receptacle.
  • Meets code requirements as a clean-out.
  • Surface is paintable, no masking needed.
  • Reduces the fire hazard.
  • Prevents costly punch-out work to damaged 90.
  • Can contribute up to 2 (USGBC) LEED credits.
Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Building Contractor

The Dryerbox® is sized to fit within 16” or 24” center studs. It only needs connection at three corners so no additional framing is needed. It is a very rigid 22 gauge aluminized steel with a Classification from Underwriters Laboratories to allow its installation in a one-hour rated wall assembly. Its 20” height provides for sufficient room to store the necessary length of recoiled aluminum flex. Ask about the Downbox™ for exhaust favoring a downward direction.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Installer

The Dryerbox® now includes a “duct support tab” in the top port that assists in maintaining the ideal penetration length of 2 inches for Snaplock rigid conduit. The installer simply creates a “hook” by bending the innovative tab at the two scored locations. The installer can then set in Snaplock pipe and continue with the balance of the duct run with minimal worry that the duct is too far into the receptacle.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Plumbing Contractor

The Dryerbox® features a “knock-out” port for a gas line, allowing for a convenient and space saving location of the gas valve and termination fitting. Click HERE for installation tips.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Drywall Contractor

The extension rim on the Dryerbox® protrudes 7/8” from the nailing flange offering a built-in corner bead. A Roto-zip (spiral saw) tool will cut out the opening just like any other receptacle, leaving a small crevice that gets caulked by the painter when he caulks the baseboard. The Dryerbox® is metal so the zip-cut bit head will not gum as it does with other plastic receptacles.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Trim Carpenter

Once sheetrocked, the extension rim on the Dryerbox® protrudes about 1/4”, providing enough of an edge to butt the baseboard to. The easiest and best looking saw-cut is just a slightly back-cut angle. The Dryerbox® should not be installed above the baseboard as this defeats the purpose of the receptacle (to provide a protective space for the flex transition hose). All typical American dryers vent in the same location: at the very bottom and in the center of the appliance.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Painting Contractor

After the drywall contractor “zip-cuts” around the Dryerbox® receptacle, there is a small crevice between the drywall and the metal box that is easily filled with caulk. This built-in corner bead rim protects the drywall from damage and provides enough of a reveal for the trim carpenter to butt his baseboard to. The surface is already prepared for painting. No masking is necessary. You may “Orange Peel” and / or wall paint right over the aluminized steel.

Repair & Relocation In Jacksonville, St. Johns, Nocatee, FL, And Surrounding Areas | Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC

For The Architect

The Dryerbox® is GreenSpec listed and can contribute up to two U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED credits to the building project. One for optimizing energy performance and one for innovative design features.

The Vital Aspects of Tailored Repairs and Strategic Vent Relocation

At Dryer Vent Cleaning INC, we understand that every home and dryer vent system is unique. That’s why we offer tailored repairs and strategic vent relocation services to meet your needs. Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect your dryer vent system and provide personalized solutions to address any issues.
Some common repair services we offer include:
  • Clearing Clogs And Debris From The Dryer Vent: We use specialized tools and techniques to remove any buildup in your dryer vent, ensuring proper airflow.
  • Repairing Or Replacing Damaged Vents: If your dryer vent is damaged or deteriorating, we can repair it or replace it with a new one to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Replacing Damaged Or Crushed Vent Hoses: We also provide replacement services for damaged or crushed ones, ensuring proper ventilation and preventing potential hazards.

In addition to repairs, we also offer strategic relocation services if your dryer vent is not in an ideal location. Our experts analyze your setup and recommend precise relocation strategies to optimize airflow and prevent future issues, considering factors like safety, efficiency, and convenience. It’s not just about fixing; it’s about revitalizing your dryer vent system for long-term efficiency.

Crafting Solutions For Dryer Vent Repair & Relocation Needs

Dryer vent relocation is not just a service; it’s a strategic approach to improving the overall functionality of your home. Our experienced technicians systematically assess your current setup and recommend tailored solutions that fit your specific needs.
By strategically, our team thoroughly inspects your dryer vent system, identifying any issues or potential hazards that need to be addressed. We then work with you to develop a personalized plan considering your budget, schedule, and individual needs. Our goal is to provide reliable and efficient services that ensure the safety and convenience of your home.

Trust Us For Dryer Vent Repair And Relocation Services!

As a licensed and insured company with years of experience, Dryer Vent Cleaning INC is your trusted partner for all your dryer vent needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our service, as we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. We believe in transparency and open communication, ensuring you are informed at every step of the repair or relocation process.
We understand the importance of a well-functioning home, and our mission is to provide you with the best possible customer service and experience. So, whether it’s a simple repair or a strategic relocation, we approach each task with dedication and precision. Contact us for a free consultation for repair and relocation services in Jacksonville, FL, and take the first step towards a revitalized dryer vent system!

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